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  • (Russian) Отличное деловое предложение

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    (Russian) Отличное деловое предложение
  • Capacitive touch panels

    Only 0,5 mm in thickness. No PCB needed. Multifunctional units.
    Capacitive touch panels
  • Integrated front-light layer

    Uniform light on the whole surface including metal dome buttons
    Integrated front-light layer
  • Membrane switches

    Reliable design. Strong technical support. Eye catching graphics. Made by people who care.
    Membrane switches
  • Flexible Circuits.

    Automatic Pick&Place.
    Flexible Circuits.
  • High-tech films for memrane switches

    Functionality starts from the surface. Just select the right option.
    High-tech films for memrane switches
  • Automotive dials

    High-quality product manufactured in accordance with automotive requirements (PFMEA, MSA, SPC, PPAP). ISO 9001 certified.
    Automotive dials

Capabilities review

Manufacturer specialized in the custom design and production of membrane switches, graphic overlays, capacitive touch systems, automotive dials, flexible heaters, PU domed labels, custom die-cuts, seals and gaskets, Dana-NN has acquired over twenty years of experience in the production of industrial products. Thanks to our in-house advanced manufacturing facilities, high quality materials from the leading European producers and a team of professionals, we are certain that we can offer our clientele aesthetic, robust and reliable products. From 2001 our quality management system (QMS) is certified to be in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 standard. Your search for reliable supplier stops here.

plenochnyie-klaviaturyiMembrane switch provides a spectrum of new possibilities for electronic device interface. paneli-priborovDana-NN produces graphic overlays not only as information carrier, but with additional features. avtomobilnyie-shkalyiOur engineering team is deeply involved to the development process. Learn more.
obemnyie-emblemyiDana-NN changes flat graphic symbols into eye-catching self-adhesive 3D images. uplotniteli-prokladkiDana-NN’s capabilities in foam and rubber converting cover a broad range of solutions. vyisechka-iz-kleykih-lentDana-NN offers precision custom die cutting services for every industry.